Sunday, July 21, 2013

We're Talking Tactics! How to Stay Confident When You Push Past Your Comfort Zone


The ACADEMi of Life said...

Love this video...congrats Julie. The idea of taking the 'breath' for a minute, a day, a week is so very true. We all need time to re-charge. Really identify with the ebb and flow of confidence.

Sooji Rugh said...

Couldn't agree with you more!

Sydni Craig-Hart said...

GREAT video Julie! I love posting videos at the beach too. :) I appreciate your advice to take a breath. When things aren't going the way we want, it's easy to get frazzled and let doubt set in. But if we can take a deep breath and reconnect with our goal, we'll often see a clear path of action unfold right in front of us. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom!

Warm regards,

Teri Bayus said...

Nice Job and I am Present!
Love the wave metaphor and being present is the one of the talents I need to remind myself to employee often – though my Grandbabies help me keep that skill motivated. I adore your energy and power. Thank you for continuing to help woman grow their businesses and I am glad you had a day at the beach!

Julie Gordon White said...

I am loving all of your comments ladies! No matter how experienced we are, when we step farther and farther into the world with our gifts and talents, it get's scary out there!

So glad to have you here and let's ride the big waves together!

xoxo, j.

P.S. Sydi, I know what you mean about shooting a video at the beach- no hair anxiety! :)

Meredith Akers said...

Wonderful & wise advice hitting home for me right now. Thanks for the reminder and the adorable video, Julie!

Anja Plowright said...

Great video, Julie!! This has happened to me many times. Great to keep in mind that our success comes in waves - if we just allow ourselves to stay with it. I totally agree and love the metaphor.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Anja Plowright
(I happen to be on the beach in Maui as I write this)

Julie Gordon White said...

Waves in Maui are filled with the most confidence I hear Anja... :)