Monday, March 31, 2014

We're Talking Tactics! Important Question for You

I had the pleasure of being the featured speaker for NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Las Vegas and NAWBO Agoura Hills in Los Angeles last week.  When I give a talk, I always like to begin with a provocative question, so to get you thinking too, here it is...

So what was your answer - "Yes", "Maybe" or "No Thanks!"? Post it below and let's start a conversation around how to turn the maybe's and no thanks into yeses!  Comment now and I'll reply back right away.

Until then, Be Profitable & Be WELL! XO, jgw.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Become a Thought Leader in 4 Simple Steps

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How to Become a Thought Leader in 4 Simple Steps
By Julie Gordon White

At the recent annual retreat for my Women Presidents’ Organization chapter, I had the privilege of participating in an intimate workshop with nationally renowned champion of women entrepreneurs, Denise Brosseau. The workshop was based on her new book, “Ready to Be a Thought Leader? How to Increase Your Influence, Impact and Success”.  The forward is by Guy Kawasaki, so you know the book is excellent if Guy is willing to put his name on the cover.

In Denise’s workshop and in the book, she shares 7 excellent steps to accelerate your success by becoming a thought leader. Denise expertly explains the ideas behind each step with examples and exercises, so I highly encourage you to spend a weekend soaking it in.

Thinking about my own experience in becoming a thought leader as a champion for women entrepreneurs as well, there are 4 strategies that have helped me succeed as an influencer, so I'm sharing what has worked for me in hopes that it will support your thought leadership strategy as well.

1} Take a Stand
When I first started selling businesses, and before I began selling multimillion dollar companies, I was the queen of... flower shops! Really! My first year and a half as a business broker was literally spent selling 25 florists. When I started my companies, I established two firms -  BlueKey Business Brokerage M&A for the larger deals I knew I would do in the future, and Flowershop Brokers.  By taking a stand for florists and claiming the niche in the name of my company, I very quickly became the go-to broker to sell a florist in Northern California. And now as the founder of The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs, I am proudly taking a stand for women business owners.  I believe that when you are bold enough to not just state your position, but actually live your position, you get very clear about who can benefit most from your expertise, and potential customers can make a faster and easier decisions about working with your company as well.  When you decide to truly "own" your space, be prepared that you may initially feel limited, but in fact, the outcome is actually the exact opposite. Demonstrating to the world who you are and what you believe in has a magical way of attracting the exact clients, customers and partners that are perfectly aligned with your philosophy or expertise. And when all are in alignment, business becomes easier, more fun and more profitable.

2} Grow an Online and Offline Tribe
I can’t emphasize enough about the importance of building a tribe online and offline. Creating your online tribe through social and digital media, is the platform for your thought leadership. When you “connect, like and comment”, focus on supporting those in your tribe. On LinkedIn, connect with others who are in alignment with your stance through their business or group membership.  On Facebook, like and comment on pages that relate to your tribe. On twitter, follow and retweet posts from other thought leaders in your tribe. Similar strategies can be used for Google+, Pinterest and Instagram if that’s where your tribe hangs out. Also don't forget to post status updates with links to articles that would not only be of interest to your tribe, but would also establish you as credible source of important information. To grow a large platform, it takes a village, so when you support others in your tribe, they will eventually support you back. And even though it’s easier to reach out digitally, don’t forget the value of a good old fashioned face-to-face.  Nothing moves a relationship forward faster than meeting for coffee or at an association gathering of like-minded people. Online is faster, but offline is lasting, so spend time on both to build a tribe of your ideal peeps.

3} Write About It
Since you’re reading this now, you know I am walking my talk! Even in a 140 character world, we all still love information that creates shortcuts to things that matter to us.  So once you’ve declared your position, write about it on your own blog, and guest post on others.  If you are really committed to creating a legacy, write a book about it. Not only was my book, “EXIT! 12 Steps to Sell Your Business for the Price You Deserve” one of the best credibility boosters for my niche and helped generate tens of thousands in fees,  it is also a lasting legacy for my children and their children because they will always know that mom (and eventually grandma) had something to say in a bigger than usual way, which is pretty, darn, cool.

4} Talk About It
Once you establish your stance or expertise and you begin writing about it and then start gaining momentum with your platform, one of the most powerful things you can do as a thought leader is to speak about it... everywhere! You can book yourself at association meetings, retreats, teleseminars, webinars and now, Google hangouts. You can speak live or recorded as a video. The bottom line is be seen by your platform in person from a stage (and I use the term “stage” loosely), both off and online as often as possible.

The opportunities are endless with technology, so be creative, get out there and walk your talk so you can spread your message, inspire others, and become a thought leader to accelerate the growth of your business!

So let me ask you, what do you believe in? Who’s in your tribe?

I would love to hear what gets you up in the morning, so comment below and declare your stance!

Until next time, Be Profitable & Be WELL!

XO, jgw.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Are you an Owner, President or CEO?

Today we celebrate Presidents' Day, and it reminded me of a question I get asked by women entrepreneurs about what title they should call themselves.  

In today's world, I think titles are less about posturing and more about positioning. 

When I say posturing, I mean making yourself look bigger than you are to impress others which is so 80's, and so not now! (I know because I lived through the 80's "fake it till you make it" mentality, big shoulder pads, and even bigger hair...ugh!).

When I talk about positioning, I'm not referring to marketing in this situation, I'm referring to your entrepreneurial mindset. I think choosing a title is actually more for your benefit than the person who is reading your bio or business card.  Here's what I mean:

If you title yourself as the owner, you are a sole proprietor telling yourself and the world that you are courageous, independent and willing to accept responsibility for the good AND the bad. Further, you are taking the road less traveled and forging ahead to become economically independent and self-sufficient... Hear me roar!

If you title yourself as President, not only are you serving the world with your unique gifts and talents, you know that your growth path to success includes a team.  Presidents are leaders and by declaring, "I am the President", you are positioning your business to grow bigger, more profitable, and beyond what you can do on your own. Hail to the Chief!

If you title yourself as CEO or Chief Executive Officer, you have established your business as a corporation, you have a group of advisors or a board of directors (formal or informal), and you know that in addition to a team, you will need access to capital to grow a multimillion dollar business.  You may step into your CEO stilettos right out of the gate or after being on your entrepreneurial journey for many years. There's no right or wrong time to establish yourself as the CEO, so don't compare yourself to others, just step in and step up when "WAY bigger" feels best to you. 

For me, because my boutique M&A firm is a professional practice and a corporation, I titled myself "Principal & CEO". As a practice organized as a corporation with 10 team members and a vision of multi millions in transactions, the title seemed fitting. And now that most of my time is spent in pursuit of training millions of women entrepreneurs to grow bigger, more profitable and sellable seven-figure businesses, guess what my title is? CEO, of course - it's the only way I roll! 

So to wrap this up, my bottom line message is to choose your title thoughtfully.  It's more about creating a personal mindset to grow the business of your dreams than telling the world who you are, so choose your title carefully and then own it as a vehicle to manifest your vision. Who knew titles were so powerful?!

So what do you call yourself? 
Do you think your title represents your vision (current and future)? 

I would love to know your thoughts on titles and hear your story, so please comment below!

XO, jgw.

P.S. If growing a bigger, more profitable and someday sellable business is your manifest destiny, click to learn about our accelerator program - it's a proven road map with a personal guide to get you there! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Your 1st Thing 1st Recording is Here!

Did you missed the call we had on January first on how to ensure a focused and accelerated first quarter of the year? If so, no worries! Normally the recording would only be available for a week, but here it is as my gift to you! 

The extra cool bonus strategy is to bookmark this post and listen to it at the beginning of every new quarter, and then watch your revenue skyrocket! 

OK, click below to start the recording, 
and then post your 1st Thing 1st in the comments below... 

Until next time, Be Profitable & Be WELL! xoxo, jgw.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

We're Talking Tactics! 1st THING 1st on 1/1/14!

Happy last week of 2013! 
Can you believe it? Time sure does fly when you’re doing what you love! Speaking of doing what you love, I’m on a mission in 2014 to help you do WAY more of what you love to grow your business, and WAY less of what you shouldn’t be doing. 

To fully step into 2014 and really make the next 12 months remarkable, I would like to invite you to begin your year focused and strong with an easy, yet exponential 1, 2, 3 plan. 

The 1, 2, 3, plan will take you through the first quarter of 2014, so 90 days with accelerated action towards making your BIG & BODACIOUS (love it!) first quarter goal become a reality! 

Notice that we are only focused on the first quarter at the moment. I have found that over the years, annual goals start to loose steam by the beginning of February because December seems so far away.  But if we break our annual goals into manageable quarterly buckets, we can absolutely focus on anything for 90 days. Exciting isn’t it?! 

OK, so here it is, the easy and exponential 1, 2, 3 plan to rocket your first quarter and ignite your entire year! 

1. Join the “1st Things 1st” call on January 1st at 1pm Pacific (it’s free!) where I will guide you through a process on how to focus on one thing and forget the rest (yay!) because we don’t have time to do all that unnecessary busy work anyway. Click here to register so I know how many to plan for. This call will set the tone for the the entire quarter so don’t miss it and if you already have plans, register anyway and I’ll send you the recording. 

2. Invite an accountability partner to register for the call and recording, and then make a plan to have a call with your partner every week.  Let’s face it, we’re all human. We can start things with a bang because starting something new is always exciting, but staying the course is the hard part.  I guarantee that if you have someone to help you stay the course EVERY WEEK, your results will be exponentially better than if you try to go it alone. Trust me. This is the secret sauce and I walk my own talk with accountability partner calls TWICE a week! 

3. Commit. Yes, simply commit for 90 days. Deciding is one thing, but making a commitment is golden. If you’ve been struggling to grow your business, to generate consistent and sustainable personal income, or to re-invent yourself in way that feels more authentic and less like pushing a rock uphill, then it’s time for you to make the commitment to yourself NOW. Time to step fully into who you are meant to be by sharing your unique gifts and talents in a bigger, more expansive way. Your time is now, so step in, step up, and let’s make it happen together. Whoo hoo to that! 


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Whew this was a long one! That’s how passionate I am about making this year EXPONENTIAL & REMARKABLE! 

Here's the link again to register for the “1st Thing 1st” call on January 1st at 1pm which will also take you to the registration page for SYMPOSIA :: 2014. 

This is going to be an exciting year and I can’t wait to take this amazing 2014 journey together! 

Be Profitable & Be WELL! 

xoxo, jgw. 

P.S. Register for the call and then don’t forget to forward this invite to an accountability partner... Double your pleasure, double your fun, double up and get it... DONE!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We're Talking Tactics! How to Stop Networking & Start Leading

Holiday events abound, and create a plethora of marketing opportunities... or do they? Networking has always been an excellent way of meeting people face-to-face, building relationships and doing business, but what if there was a better way... 

Do you agree or disagree? What's your best networking tip? Post your comment below and share your goodndess!

Also, of you haven't registered for SYMPOSIA :: 2014 Conference for Women Entrepreneurs on January 10th in San Francisco, time is ticking!  

Meet Susan Thomas, SYMPOSIA speaker on COURAGE. 

Susan has won dozens of awards for service excellence and innovation in PR, marketing communications, and video, including the 2013 Golden Gate Female Entrepreneur of the Year, all while raising 4 beautiful children with her husband and overcoming some incredible personal challenges. Come hear and learn from Susan's inspiring 7 figure journey... The day promises to be MAGICAL!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We're Talking Tactics! 6 Tips to End Perfection Peralysis & Become a 100% Finisher!

If you're reading this, you probably know that I consult with and coach women entrepreneurs to determine the best strategies to grow their sales to a million and beyond, but did you also know that I walk my own talk by having my own coaches for various aspects of my business? Well I absolutely do (and if I didn't, you shouldn't be working with me!).

During a recent conversation with my accountability coach, she said something that made a huge impact, so of course I want to pass her message on to you.  When we were reviewing my commitments, she said, "Now I understand what's happening. You are a 90%er."

I have to admit that I was stunned for a second, but then immediately had a huge revelation. "Yes I am!" I said, and was so excited to realize why it's taking longer than I want to finish projects that are really important to me.  

As we talked about it further, I got real about the fact that when something is really important to me, the last ten percent suddenly feels like running uphill at mile 12 of a half marathon with only 1.1 miles to go, because I want it to be.... perfect! So yes, sometimes I struggle the same issues I discuss with many of you - Perfection Paralysis

I used to be a frequent 70%er, so getting to 90% is progress, but now with full acknowledgement and a few strategies, I'm pushing to one hundred with ease and enjoyment!  Because truth be told, it feels GREAT to finish something completely.  Exhale.

So here are my 5 tips to help you push through perfection peralysis (so we can be in the 100% club together!):

1) Decide what percentage of your projects you are currently finishing now.

2) Determine your top 3 projects that will make the most impact if you finish them 100%.

3) Choose ONE project to focus on now and commit to a reasonable 100% completion date.

4) Take a short walk or get a drink of water when you get the the part that's hard to complete, but come back to it right away. 

5) Find an accountability partner or coach and commit to a day and time every week to check-in until your project is 100% complete.  

6) When the going get's extra tough (usually just as you are about to breakthrough), focus on the great feeling you'll have when you can finally say... DONE! 

Growing your business is a journey, and hopefully these six tips will make the journey that much more satisfying and fruitful.

Lastly, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't tell you how to work my awesome accountability coach if that's the piece missing for you, so learn more about Ali Schiller at She is fantastic!

Until next time, Be Profitable & Be WELL! 

xoxo, jgw.

P.S. That picture is of me FINISHING my first half marathon.  See the pure joy in my face after running 13.1 miles? All because I finished what I set out to do... yippee!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We're Talking Tactics! How to Grow with Direct Mail

The secret is out... Direct mail is NOT dead! Watch the video and discover how to start target your best customers and grow your business to the next level...

Do you have a direct mail success story you would like to share? Comment below and tell us what has worked well for you or feel free to ask a question about how to implement a direct mail campaign in your business and I'll be sure to reply ASAP!

Until next time, BE WELL!

xo, jgw.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We're Talking Tactics! Dreaming Big in Dubai!

Here's a short video that I made for you (with a VIP guest ;) during my trip to Dubai last week.  This is my favorite takeaway, and I'll have more powerful insights to share with you soon.... Enjoy!

P.S. If 2014 is going to be your best year yet, start January with a huge jumpstart at my upcoming event, SYMPOSIA :: 2014 for Conference for Women Entrepreneurs.  Get empowered and inspired with "7 Stories of 7 Figure Women & Beyond" to accelerate your business growth and profitability in 2014. Click to reserve your seat now.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We're Talking Tactics! How to Make Any Decision Fast

Have you had any decisions to make that you think the 10 - 10 - 10 strategy might help or do you have another method that you use?  Comment below, and as always, I'll read every one! 

 xoxo until next time! jgw

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"We're Talking Tactics! Go Bare & Do Your Best Work"

If you have a "Go Bare" story, stumble ;-) or question,  just post it in the comments below to share your experience with our community and I promise to reply... Also, feel free to post a link to your business so we can help market your company! 

See you next time... xoxo! 


P.S. Did you get your ticket yet?
SYMPOSIA :: 2014 Conference for Women Entrepreneurs
Click the link above to learn more and catch the early bird rate! Did I mention that the keynote speaker is Joan Barnes, founder of Gymboree?!! 
Go get your ticket! 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Meet Our Friend Resistance

"All dreams come with resistance." #Steven Pressfield #SuperSoulSunday 

WELLies, expect resistance and welcome it. 

It's normal - especially when you're doing something that's important to you - so meet it head on and move straight through to your dreams on the other side... 

xoxo, #JulieatTheWELL

Monday, September 30, 2013

Count Your Money Like You Count Your Calories & More

Clockwise: Robin Chase of Zip Car, me with Kimberly Weisul Editor-at-Large of Inc. Magazine,
Essie of Essie Cosmetics and Tory Burch of Tory Burch
If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you know that I had the pleasure of attending the Inc. Magazine Women’s Summit and the OPEN American Express CEO BootCamp for Women last week in New York (definitely lucky timing that they were just two days apart!).

While I took a tons of notes and posted and tweeted some, here are a few more valuable nuggets just in case you missed them:

Robin Chase, founder of Zip Car (who went public and then sold to AVIS - whoo hoo!) shared these great tips:

"Start with the minimum viable product to get to customers fast."

"Keep it really, really, simple."

"Be focused and clear about how you spend your money."

"Figure out the most important thing to focus on to prove the concept and then move to the next level."

"Build a company that your customers will want to send you love letters."

Alexa Von Tobel, Founder & CEO of who has raised $40M in capital, all before turning 30, shared:

"Every dollar is as green as the rest until they aren't. Find investors who are experts in your field so not only are they giving you money, they are giving you proven advice." 

Elizabeth Cutlet & Julie Rice, Co-Founders of Soul Cycle, the 20-studio spinning class sensation shared: 

"Don't over think it. We met for the first time over coffee, 48 hours later we had a business plan and space, and 6 months after that our business was open." 

And last but not least - this is one of my favorites because most of us are experts at least half of this equation :) - from Jean Chatzky, The Today Show financial editor and bestselling author:

"Count your dollars like you count calories." 

Whew! That was one awesome week! After 2 full days of listening, learning, absorbing and networking, the overwhelming message I came away with was:  

Start small, have a big vision, 
and take steps every day to making it happen.

Simple, but hugely profound!

Speaking of steps every day, if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for my new webinar tomorrow at 11am Pacific (it will be recorded if you can’t make it live), called “Finish Strong! 5 Strategies to Maximize Your 4th Quarter & Amplify 2014”. Here’s the link and talk with you soon! >

OK, more goodness tomorrow on the webinar and I'll talk with you soon!  jgw.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Splash in The Spotlight! "Cici's Italian Butterhorns"

 Welcome to "Splash in The Spotlight at The WELL" featuring **Christine Falatico Frey, CEO of Cici's Italian Butterhorns**, who launched her business after her two children went off to college. 
“I just felt like it was my time,” said the self-taught chef, who learned to cook sweet and savory Italian fare from her Nana. 

Much to her delight, CiCi’s has become a family affair: Frey’s daughter helps with baking, her son maintains her web presence and marketing, and her husband packs product and schleps boxes. 

Christine's yummy butterhorns can be found at many fine food stores, so if you see them, don't resist! 

For more info, visit her website at  Congrats Christine and keep up the delicious work!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Splash In the Spotlight! "Candice Bennet & Associates, Inc."

Welcome to "Splash Into the Spotlight at the WELL" today, featuring award winning ** Candice Bennett & Associates, Inc. ** a full-service marketing research firm based in Virgina. 

Market research is a smart way to validate the wants, needs, pains, and desires of your potential clients and customers, so engaging an experienced firm like Candice Bennett & Associates is a great use of your research dollars! 

For more info, LIKE her page at and visit her site at Congrats again to Candice Bennett, President of Candice Bennett & Associates, a certified women-owned award winning business!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Baby You're a Firework!

Independence Day takes on a whole new meaning when you're an entrepreneur. Cheers to stepping up, believing in yourself and choosing to serve the world with your unique gifts and passions! xoxo #WomenEntrepreneursareFirecrackers!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Always be more than you appear, and never be more than you are." -Bono

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is Your Headshot Hurting Your Business?

Recently I saw a Facebook ad inviting me to click on a link to watch a video and register for a webinar. The photo of the person in the ad was both fun and gorgeous, so I felt excited to click through to learn more and maybe even sign up. 

After clicking the link, I arrived on a webpage with a video of the person in the ad, but when I clicked "play", it was very obvious that the picture in the ad was taken a LONG time ago! The person in the ad was vibrant and spunky and the person in the video was much older, had gained weight and did not match the person in the picture. Now don’t get me wrong, the person in the video was fine too, but I felt tricked by the “promise of what to come” and began to doubt the authenticity of the person behind the ad and video. 

So I ask you… Is YOUR headshot hurting your business? 

If you’re not sure, here are 5 ways to decide if it’s time to have a re-shoot: 

1. You don’t look like your picture anymore. It seems obvious, but if you have lost or gained weight, your hair is much longer, shorter or greyer, or if it's been more than 3 years- it’s time for a re-shoot. Hair is the reason I just had a new picture taken. My last headshot was taken in December of 2011 which isn't too bad, but I was training for a marathon so I cut it very short and now my hair is about 10 inches longer! 

2. The picture of you is too small. People love to connect with your face, especially your eyes and smile, and if they can’t see you, they probably won’t get a feeling for the type of person you are. Don’t be afraid of an extreme close up either. This was how I solved my long hair problem. I cropped my picture down to mostly my face with only a hint of hair, and then my hair was no longer an issue and the viewer was able to connect with my personality. Try it- zoom in and don’t be shy! 

3. Your picture is too casual or too formal for the audience. Depending on the type of business you’re in, you may need to have a more formal shot or a more casual shot (and no, a selfie from your trip to Margaritaville last summer probably isn't a good idea!). Your wardrobe usually determines the tone of your presentation so think through colors, collars and jewelry to ensure that you are presenting an image in alignment with your brand message and promise. If you sell products, shoot a few pics holding or surrounded by them and show your fun side if it makes sense for what you offer.

4. Your picture doesn’t match your video. I’ve already shared with you my experience, so remember, if you are using video to market your services and products (and if you aren’t, get started ASAP!), make sure your current self and your frozen self aren’t too far apart. 

5. No picture at all. No picture might even be worse that an old picture! Today’s sales and marketing is all about transparency (trust me, they’ve already googled you before they called you), and if you don’t post a picture of yourself on your social media profiles and website, you might just appear… CREEPY! I know, creepy is a dramatic word borrowed from my 14 year-old daughter, but how can I do business with you if I can’t get at least a small feeling about who you are? Bottom line- don’t be a creeper, post a picture! 

I just had the pleasure of a new photo session with Nancy Rothstein Photography (I highly recommend Nancy if you’re it the San Francisco Bay Area!), and while it wasn’t inexpensive, neither is the value of what I teach about how to grow a profitable and sellable million dollar business (my brand promise), so it was money very well spent to illustrate my brand and content quality.

Lastly, if you aren’t ready to invest in professionally done photos, you can use a high quality camera (a newer smart phone camera will work just fine too) and have a friend take a close up shot so your clients can see your beautiful, credible and current face!

Have you had a positive or negative experience based on someone’s headshot? Post a comment below (I read every one personally!) and tell me what happened… 

Until next time! xoxo, jgw.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Entrepreneur's Secret Sauce

On a scale of 1-10, how FOCUSED are you today? I'm an 8 today, much better than yesterday's all-over-the-map 6! Post your # below...

Monday, May 13, 2013

3 Lessons Learned from My Kids on Mother's Day

I had the unusual opportunity to spend the entire day with 2 of my three kids, completely uninterrupted by a volleyball tournament or a Little League game. My oldest son is away in college, but even he had a long distance message for me. Reflecting on my lovely day as I tucked the youngest in last night,  I thought I would share the lessons my kids taught me yesterday as they each celebrated their mom - me!

1. Someone has to take the lead.
Having a daughter in the middle of two sons is a God send.  Often when they are thinking about sports, girls or girls and sports (that isn't a typo), she in all of her fourteen and a half years of wisdom, is always thinking ahead. She plans, strategizes and documents all of her to do's. When she was 10 and wanted to remodel her room, she gave me a PowerPoint presentation - slide animation and all!  While I am sure the boys would have eventually come up with something special for me yesterday (Catch in the park? A smaller than usual load of college laundry?), my future GirlPreneur took the lead, designed the breakfast menu, delegated preparation assignments and had the camera ready upon delivery. So organized, so one-step-short-of-bossy but completely on track. Amazing! Not sure where she gets it from... :-)

2. Mistakes happen but it's all about the recovery.
Then there's my youngest son.  Twelve is just about the age when passive aggressiveness seems to rear its independent head.  Apparently he was assigned to ride his bike to the bakery to get my favorite morning buns, but decided that it was too early and he wasn't getting up when she commanded him to.  Of course she nobly replied to his insubordination with, "Fine, I'll get them myself but you aren't getting any!" After she left, he dragged himself into my room, shared the story and asked, "You don't think she's really not going to give me one do you?" I resisted telling him that you get what you give, it was Mother's Day after all. But I did say that she wasn't happy with him, so who knows if she meant it or not. Suddenly he got a bright-eyed look on his face and said, "I know, I'll go cut the strawberries so when she gets back, that part will be done and then I'll probably get a morning bun!" With that he bolted down to the kitchen to start earning his breakfast back. And sure enough, she so appreciated him stepping up to help, she let him have two!

3. Texting is efficient, but a phone call is priceless.
Those of you that have teens are probably mad text-ers like I am. They trained me early and they trained me well.  Too well. So well that sometimes I forget to call people for important things and just ping them a quick text instead. Not the best habit but I'm working on it.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when my 20 year-old son CALLED me to say Happy Mother's Day.  I thanked him profusely for calling and said that I was surprised that he didn't just text me. I obviously insulted him because there was a long pause before he said, "Wow Mom. Texting isn't good for everything. Sometimes you just need to call people for important stuff." Ouch. Got it son. Thanks for the reminder.

So after mothering for 20 years, I am still a mom-in-progress, and more often than I care to admit, my best teachers are my kids!

How was your Mother's Day? Share with us below... xo, jgw. 

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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Awesome time speaking for NAWBO San Francisco tonight. Sharing my point of view on growing and valuing woman owned companies makes my heart sing!